Mission, Vision & Values

Mission Statement

Aspira Chemical’s mission is to be the “go-to” solution provider for fulfilling research and development needs in the life science and material science marketplace.

Vision Statement

Aspira Chemical’s vision is to help create a thriving environment for scientific research and development by lowering the cost of research and making readily available next-generation enabling tools to accelerate scientific progress. We believe the fulfillment of this vision will lead to greater prosperity for scientific and human society.

Core Values

Service:  Exceptional service means being helpful with everything you need—helpful in how we conduct business and helpful in advancing your scientific program.
Quality:  Our success lies directly on the ability to provide a quality experience to our customers—not just in the products we provide or the services we deliver, but through every customer-facing team member and every customer touch point.
Innovation:  By providing innovative products and continuously improving in everything we do, we can advance science and help you realize your scientific aspirations.
Integrity:  We strive to be a trusted partner with your utmost confidence. We act with the highest integrity in all business interactions and only recommend solutions that best meet your needs.
Collaboration:  We approach all our customer relationships in a collaborative manner—transparent with our intent, accountable to our actions/results—and unequivocally serving you for your best interest.
Sustainability:  We live in a world with limited natural resources. As scientists, we understand the delicate balance between human consumption and resource preservation. In all our work activities, we strive to conduct business in a sustainable manner that promotes not only corporate well-being, but also environmental well-being.