Drug Discovery Services

Our early discovery scientist experts have proven backgrounds of successfully meeting and often exceeding time sensitive deliverables for clients, which in turn moves potential leads into medicinal chemistry stages and establishes the ROI barometer. By collaborating together intimately with R&D scientists on the client side, our medicinal chemists can deliver a comprehensive spectrum of chemistry services inclusive of IP guidance to accelerate research programs at every stage in the preclinical process up to IND.

Medicinal, Natural Products, and Computational Chemistry

Custom, focused chemical synthesis and fragment-based drug synthesis investigations are at the heart of Aspira Pharma’s discovery chemistry capabilities. We offer a comprehensive medicinal chemistry platform with proof-of-concept reactions completed at the minimum mgs scale of a desired target. We also has expertise in natural products’ chemical reactions and we are proud of our lasting heritage in running multi-step, linear >10 step syntheses. We offer the following comprehensive services in support of clients’ requirements for target identification and validation:

  • Setup, confirmation, and validation of hits against a target
  • Compound screening for synthetic, semi-synthetic, and natural products’ targets
  • Hit ID and further preliminary analog exploration
  • Structure Activity Relationship (SAR) services
  • Lead compound optimization based on SAR feedback
  • Protein/Biologic-based, target-directed libraries (e.g., Chemokines, GPCRs)
  • Fragment-Based Drug Design (FBDD) and Structural-Based Drug Design (SBDD)
  • SAR-diversity oriented libraries (e.g., hit-to-lead and highly defined, focused libraries)
  • Fit-for-purpose medicinal chemistry partnering (FTE-based or one-off programs)
  • Natural products’ chemistry, isolation, and derived library support

Analytical Services Support: Drug Discovery and Beyond

At Aspira Chemical, we are pleased to offer expertise of both breadth and depth in determining the viability of difficult/low sensitivity analytical assay development for a diverse array of therapeutic compounds ranging from natural products to semi-synthetic medicinal chemistry targets to small peptides to synthetic intermediates. Additionally, we can routinely run analytical development, in support (or as one-offs) of therapeutic API programs, on metabolites and Rx intermediates’ impurities.
Our R&D analytical service teams are equipped with various state-of-the-art instruments, such as LC, LC/MS, UPLC, UV, HPLC, GC/MS, HRMS, SEC, SFC, NMR, XRD, FTIR, etc., wherein we have the capabilities of providing full spectrum analytical support to R&D and early drug development. The streamlined samples that flow through our lab and data management systems enable high productivity and quality services per clients’ selective requirements. We have expertise in the following broad analytical areas:

  • High throughput analysis and purification
  • Structure elucidation with various spectroscopic techniques (1H-, 13C-, 19F-, and 31P-NMR; 2D-NMR; IR; UV; HR-MS; elemental analysis; ICP; water analysis, endotoxins, microbial assays)
  • Suitable scale compound purification for impurities identification and quantification (up to gms scale)
  • Natural product analysis as well as definitive structure elucidation of all functional group parameters
  • Physicochemical properties determinations and solid-form characterization
  • Definitive structure determinations utilizing a Rigaku™ FR-E+ crystal diffraction data collection system
  • Chiral analysis and separation (up to gms scale using HPLC and/or SFC)

For more information about our highly integrated, end-to-end drug discovery services, please contact collaborate@aspirasci.com.