Chemical Services

To support our clients’ preclinical program through IND and Phase 0 studies, Aspira Pharma possesses chemistry core competencies that are the lifeblood of the CRDO services we offer to our clients. The core chemistry capabilities illustrated below translate into a commitment to excellence in all of the chemical transformations as well as specialty reactions we perform. Our wide organic chemistry competencies include synthetic, semi-synthetic, natural products, carbohydrates/sugars, supported reactions, small peptides, and vitamin chemistries. We are ready to customize solutions to our client’s requirements and ramp up quickly to meet demanding deadlines.

Organic Chemistry and Parallel Synthesis

Aspira Pharma has a large chemistry team, along with deep synthetic expertise, devoted to handle multiple projects with robust speed and efficiencies of early scale yielding unprecedented speed advantages. We offer superior efficacy in solving particularly difficult and complex route challenges as illustrated in our numerous real-world case studies. For instance, we have demonstrated multi-step chemical syntheses, Vitamins B and D production, asymmetric reactions, catalytic reactions, and parallel-track analog development.

We offer the below synthetic chemistry competencies:

  • Well balanced IP protection with economics at mgs to multi-gms scale
  • Proof-of-concept (POC) elucidation of synthetic routes suitable for scale-up
  • Building blocks, scaffolds, and Rx intermediates up to gms scale
  • Natural products libraries and synthetic chemistry on gms scale to support API routes
  • Larger, fragment-based libraries for downstream lead optimizations up to 100s of gms
  • Rapid screening of reaction conditions by utilizing parallel equipment
  • Structural chemical class of compounds novelty assessment
  • Our synthetic chemistry teams are supported by experienced analytical and purification specialists

Custom Chemistry and One-off Projects

Aspira Pharma has numerous years of custom project expertise. Clients receive tailored service and support by teams working with analytical and project management leaders to run efficiently the multi-step synthesis (>15 steps) of desired compounds. In addition we have proven achievements in convergent synthetic route planning and execution on routes exceeding 30 steps, such as those found in large macrocycles and other natural products. We are eager to synthesize virtually any organic molecule per custom requests by using our many synthetic strengths:

  • Customized synthesis from mgs to up to kg scale
  • Synthesis of reference standards (often one-off projects)
  • Generation of advanced API intermediates for use in convergent and divergent synthesis
  • Expertise in heavily functionalized medium-sized heterocycles, small-ring heterocycles, highly energetic organic derivatives, lipids, carbohydrates, polyamino acids
  • Seamless technology transfer of existing routes for development of new routes of target molecules
  • Stable labeling (i.e., C13, N15, Deuterium) of intermediates as well as known API compounds
  • Identification, verification, and scaling of confirmed, known Rx intermediate impurities

FTE Chemistries (Pre-Manufacturing)

Aspira Pharma has chemistry teams that are skilled in both novel route design and route optimization. With outstanding skills in problem solving, our chemists demonstrate proven ability to provide high quality services at industry leading success rates every time. We can readily generate value added services on an Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) basis at all stages of chemical development from mgs up to kg-levels. Our FTE-based programs are designed for maximum flexibility in terms of cost, time frames, route and/or target selectivity, and deliverables. Each client-specific project is quoted around time and materials. FTEs are committed on a full time period and agreed upon by our clients. The prototypical FTE commitment is centered on R&D-derived projects and/or very complex projects, wherein both Aspira Pharma and the sponsor have decided that there exists substantial technical risks if a fixed price was quoted vs. FTE costs.

The advantages of our FTE-based proposals are outlined below:

  • Judicious use of smaller amounts of material as per product value (mgs up to 100 gms)
  • Stability and assurance of reliable capacity to drive projects forward
  • Our FTEs are designed for strong flexibility and rapid, aggressive response times
  • FTE projects can be done with one-offs and/or scaling of catalog items
  • Project management is fully integrated ensuring maximum per FTE value, on mgs scale up to kgs

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