Pre-Formulation Services

Aspira Pharma has a state-of-the art Rigaku™ FR-E+ crystal diffraction data collection system integrated within a fully automated, high-throughput robotic platform. This system can run protein-to-structure analysis and perform rational structure-based drug design, inclusive of fragment-based drug design. The system has integrated crystallization robot and incubator for high-throughput crystallization trials, providing definitive structure determination of: 1) proteins, 2) protein-ligand complexes, and 3) small-molecule compounds that are potentially drug candidates.

The additional following services and pre-formulation capabilities assist the clients’ R&D candidate selection process:

  • XRD-based structure determination
  • XRD-determined structures support for SAR programs
  • Crystallization screening, crystal growth, and crystal observation in-process
  • Structural determination and refinement reviewed by our in-house experts
  • Polymorph screening, thermal properties, and solubility profiling
  • Hygroscopicity, microscopy and morphology, and crystallinity evaluations

Our expert team of pre-formulation scientists utilizes their well-honed technical skills to provide a comprehensive range of physicochemical property determinations. This access to solid-state engineering allows for the effective prediction, design, and modification of the physical and chemical properties of desired compounds to accelerate candidate advancement into the clinic, thus increasing therapeutic benefits to patients and potentially extending product lifecycles through IP.

For more information about our high-throughput pre-formulation services, please contact